DeLine: 16-04-2017

Thailand De line

Thailand is undoubtedly a jewel located in Southeast Asia. Countries bordering it include Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. The country is also bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Gulf. The country has a very rich and fascinating history. This is the only Country within Southeast Asia which never colonized by any European Country and that is why it is also known as ‘the land of freedom’.

The Thai are known across the globe as a smiling community. This unique habit has significantly contributed towards charming and attracting many tourists into visiting this country. When any tourist lands in the country, he/she will be literally treated with unforgettable smiles. It has over 90% of its population being devout Buddhists.

This is a unique Thai nature which has led to the country possessing some of the best, unique, stylish, and well preserved ancient Buddhist temples, and temple accessories. Subsequently, it is the home to the World’s largest golden Buddha Statue. It is a marvelous and magnificent statue which elegantly stands tall amongst its major tourist attractions. An annual tattoo festival is organized in the city of Nakhon Pathom.

Many locals and international visitors usually throng and fill the ever-full-of-life city of Nakhon Pathom in order to witness this unforgettable life experience. The actual beauty is directly linked to its nature. The Thai nature has both natural and artificial attractions. The Country is covered by warm tropical climate with an influence of three distinct seasons hot, cool and rainy.

Beautiful and vast coastal lines with magnificent beaches are just a tip of an iceberg when it comes to what Thailand nature has in store for its guests. One colorful scenery and truly a stamp out the beauty of the country are found in an Island city of Phuket. Even the famous James Bond could not resist the temptation to shoot ‘The man with a golden gun’ movie in Phuket way back in the year 1974. Phuket has some of the best sandy beaches with stunning clear waters.

Bangkok, the capital city and the most populous city is a main center for the country’s administrative, economic and political activities. As a result, it is beautifully littered with some of the best idyllic sites and luxurious hotels with world class cuisines. Bangkok is the home of the modernized Thai nature. With a population of over nine million people, Bangkok is popularly known ‘Krung Thep’ which when translated has the meaning of ‘the city of Angels’.

Equally, the beauty has a reflection in northern city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a center for Thailand’s cultural and economic activities. Chiang Mai is popularly referred to as the rose of the north’ It has a huge open bazaars and other modernized stores where huge volumes of unique

Thai products as well as homemade handicrafts are offered for sale. It has a good number of beautiful temples, wild and green jungles and striking waterfalls. So it has unlimited beauty with some even yet to be tapped.